Public Lectures

Sn Lecture Topic Lecture Delivered by
1 First Matriculation Lecture Dr. Suleiman Ramon-Yusuf DVM; M.Sc.; MBA; PhD; PCOE
2 Second Matriculation Lecture Dr. Noel B. Saliu (Director of Academic Planning,National Universities Commission, Abuja)
3 Third Matriculation Lecture Prof. Adesina S. Sodiya
4 Emergence of Private University in Nigeria: A Beacon of Hope and Restoration of Morals and Quality in Tertiary Education. (4th Atiba University Matriculation Lecture) Prof. C. K. Ayo
5 Implementing Online Learning Solutions for the ICT Directorates in Nigerian Universities Prof. C. K. Ayo
6 Digital Infrastructural Requirements for the 21st Century Higher Education Institutions: The Imperatives for Global Relevance and Competitiveness Prof. C. K. Ayo
7 Harvard ICT Presentation on Cancer Care Prof. C. K. Ayo
8 The Faith-based University System –The Trinity University of Our Dream Prof. C. K. Ayo
9 Entrepreneurship and Innovation PROF NDUBISI (PhD, FMAG, FAGBA)
10 Strategic Human Resource Management in a Private Tertiary Institution Prof. C. K. Ayo
11 Team Building and Mentorship Prof. C. K. Ayo
12 Way to Wealth Dr. Abib Olamitoye
13 E-VOTING AND DIGITAL INCLUSION: ELECTION 2019 AND THE FUTURE Prof. C. K. Ayo (A Paper Presented at the 27th National Conference of the Nigeria Computer Society at the University of Ibadan. 17-19 July, 2018)
14 Nigerian Youth Movement for Good Governance Prof. C. K. Ayo
15 Distruptive Technologies: The demands on 21st Century Higher Education Institutions and professional Practices (LAUTECH, Ogbomosho) Prof. C. K. Ayo