Public Lectures

SnLecture TopicLecture Delivered by
1First Matriculation LectureDr. Suleiman Ramon-Yusuf DVM; M.Sc.; MBA; PhD; PCOE
2Second Matriculation LectureDr. Noel B. Saliu (Director of Academic Planning,National Universities Commission, Abuja)
3Third Matriculation LectureProf. Adesina S. Sodiya (President, Nigeria Computer Society)
4Fourth Matriculation LectureMrs. Comfort Olu Eyitayo CFA, CFE, mni FCA (President, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria.)
5Fifth Matriculation LectureMr. John Tanimola Obaro, Founder & Group Managing Director, SystemSpecs
6 Emergence of Private University in Nigeria: A Beacon of Hope and Restoration of Morals and Quality in Tertiary Education. (4th Atiba University Matriculation Lecture)Prof. C. K. Ayo
7 Implementing Online Learning Solutions for the ICT Directorates in Nigerian UniversitiesProf. C. K. Ayo
8Digital Infrastructural Requirements for the 21st Century Higher Education Institutions: The Imperatives for Global Relevance and CompetitivenessProf. C. K. Ayo
9Harvard ICT Presentation on Cancer CareProf. C. K. Ayo
10The Faith-based University System –The Trinity University of Our Dream Prof. C. K. Ayo
11Entrepreneurship and InnovationPROF NDUBISI (PhD, FMAG, FAGBA)
12Strategic Human Resource Management in a Private Tertiary InstitutionProf. C. K. Ayo
13Team Building and MentorshipProf. C. K. Ayo
14Way to WealthDr. Abib Olamitoye
15E-VOTING AND DIGITAL INCLUSION: ELECTION 2019 AND THE FUTUREProf. C. K. Ayo (A Paper Presented at the 27th National Conference of the Nigeria Computer Society at the University of Ibadan. 17-19 July, 2018)
16 Nigerian Youth Movement for Good GovernanceProf. C. K. Ayo
17 Distruptive Technologies: The demands on 21st Century Higher Education Institutions and professional Practices (LAUTECH, Ogbomosho)Prof. C. K. Ayo
18Qualitative Computing Education and the African Development AgendaBeing a presentation at the 2nd Technology-enhanced Learning/Computing Education forum by Prof. C. K. Ayo