Examination Rules and Regulations

Please take note of the following. For you to be eligible for this examination.
  1. You must have fully registered for all the courses you offering this semester. If you do not register, you will not write the exams.
  2. Ensure that you have paid up to 60% of your fees. Get a clearance from the accounts and get your duly signed and stamped course form to the faculty officer for your faculty clearance. This is what admits you into the exam hall.
  3. If you do not meet up with 75% attendance in any course, you will not be allowed to write that course.
  4. Remember, you cannot bring your phone to the exam hall, no wrist watches and wearing of face capes is prohibited.
  5. Read for your exams as though only reading will suffice and pray as though only prayer will do.
  6. This is for the fresh 200L and 100L students.  Only 200l and 100l  students  who resumed before the 1st of February can take part in the forthcoming examination. Those who resumed from the 1st of February shall write their exams during summer.
Please follow the procedure below for obtaining clearance for your forthcoming examination. Procedure:  
  1. Make a copy of your dully signed course registration form.
  2. Take this signed registration form to your faculty officer for your CLEARANCE.
  3. Go and read some more……
  4. Also note that you need not go to the faculty office for clearance if you have not paid up to 60% of your fees.
  5. Reconcile with the registry. ThanksWishing you all the best in your new Horizon examinations that Starts this week.
  6. For all the rules guiding examinations please see page 55 of your students handbook