Hall of Residence Undertaking Form

Hall of Residence Rules

  • Attendance to Chapel services on Wednesday and Sunday is compulsory for all students.
  • Devotion in the hostel is mandatory for all the Students.
  • Phone use during University assemblies is highly prohibited.
  • Saturday sanitation is also mandatory for all Students with the hall representatives leading it.
  • Wearing or hoodie is prohibited in the School premises.
  • All Students are expected to be in their rooms at 10pm.
  • Stealing is highly prohibited in the hostel.
  • The use of vulgar language is prohibited is strongly prohibited in the hostel.
  • Playing of loud music in the hostel is not allowed.
  • Smoking and taking of hard drugs is prohibited.
  • Fighting and the exchange of abusive words are prohibited in the hostel.
  • Used plates should not to be stored in the room.
  • Wearing of beads, necklaces and fashion rings are not allowed.
  • Cleaning of rooms by the occupants is mandatory.
  • Wearing of nose mask outside the hostel is compulsory for all Students.
  • Students must ensure that they turn off all electrical appliances while leaving their rooms.
  • Decorum must be maintained in the haircut (low cut for males) and hairstyles (colored attached different from hair color is prohibited) of students.
  • Keeping of long nails, fixing of artificial nails and painting of nails is prohibited for all students.
  • The common room should be vacated latest by 10pm daily.
  • Squatting is strongly prohibited.
  • Soaking and washing of clothes in the room is highly prohibited.
  • Board games and other materials should be duly returned after use to the Porters on the same day of use.
  • The hostel appliances; irons, electric kettles, microwave and refrigerator should be used responsibly.

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