Health Centre

Trinity University Medical Center is a health care center which caters for the students, faculty and staff. Entry into the health centre ushers you into a modern equipped receptioon that is well ventilated, with air conditioners, comfortable furniture, television and free internet facility for patients’ use while waiting. There is the treatment room where your vital signs or statistics are taken or measured. The consulting room, where you see the Doctor for treatment.

The Center has two large size female and male recuperating rooms, with air conditioners and television, while observation or treatment goes on. There are conveniences or rest rooms, which are so comfortable that you can read there. Each large room contains four beds with very good beddings and orthopedic matresses. Beside the beds, are lockers, which can take the patients’ belongings.The entire centre is dotted with high standard equipments for medical use. For Instance, instead of Oxygen Cylinder, we have Oxygen Concentrator which gushes out up to 99% of concentrated oxygen for resuscitation, in case of anybody collapsing.

We have sterilizers for our equipments, and additional Portable Pressure Steam sterilizer for things like cotton wools and gauze for dressing of wounds and other needs. There are suction machines, in case of inhalers on or chocking. There is a nebulizing machine for Asthmatic patients, aside from inhalers and the drugs. In here, there is a well stocked pharmacy which can be accessed from the reception. Drugs are replenished as at when due. Finally, this center provides primary health care to students, faculty and staff and we are backed by Metro Health HMO. The health care center is part of the founding fathers’ idea for the University.