Academic Planning Unit

The Academic Planning Unit provides a range of management information and planning support to facilitate informed decision–making, planning and policy formulation, and the overall strategic development of the University.

The office is the initial point of contact on matters relating to statistical collections. The office also supplies statistical information to government agencies and a range of parties throughout the wider community.

The role of the Academic Planning Unit is to provide timely and accurate information to the University for planning and managerial decision-making, administer key University investigative research into areas of needs, coordinate compliance reporting activities and guide the management in decision- making. In carrying out its responsibilities,the Academic Planning Unit:

    • Produces a range of institutional statistics and undertakes data manipulation, analysis and interpretation to convert raw data into useful management information.
  • Prepares academic brief for internal and external purposes
  • Monitors resources allocation and utilization in line with the plans of the university
  • Develops resources allocation parameter
  • Determines manpower needs, control and staff development
  • Prepares annual plans of the university for submission to government.
  • Provision of data-based information on various aspect of the university operations
  • Undertakes planning – related investigations and studies.
  • Prepares University budget estimates
  • Coordinates teaching and research equipment grants
  • Computes excess workload for academics and technologists in the University.
  • Coordinates accreditation programmes of the University.
  • Provides close monitoring of the University programmes so as to maintain the quality of our programmes and effective service delivery.