Henry C. Ogaraku

Henry Chibueze Ogaraku

Mass Communication – B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD(In view)


Art, Management and Social Sciences/ Mass Communication

Curriculum Vitae

Henry Ogaraku CV

Research Interest

  1. Intersections of Old and the New Media
  2. Public Relations, Advertising, Consumer Behaviour, Media History, Campaign, Elections and Political Communication, Conflicts, Social Justice and Public Health

Area of Specialisation

  1. Broadcast Media

Selected list of Publications

Book Chapters and Journal Publications
1. Ogaraku, C. Henry (2022). Nollywood and History of Film-Making in Nigeria: Closing the Gaps in the Narratives. Chapter in Mutsvairo & Ekeanyanwu (Eds) Media and Communication in Nigeria: Conceptual Connections, Crossroads and Constraints, Routledge, USA. Pp. 82-95. Available at: https://www.routledge.com/Media-and-Communication-in-Nigeria-Conceptual-Connections-Crossroads-and/Mutsvairo-Ekeanyanwu/p/book/9781032077789.
2. Ekeanyanwu, N. T., Ifeanyichukwu, A. C., Okon, C. E. and Ogaraku, H. C. (2022). Culture, Politics and Conflicts: The Imperative of Communicating Peace in Africa. Social Justice, Exclusivity, and Citizenship in the 21st Century. Cambridge Scholars Publishing (UK).
3. Ali, H. M., Batta, H. & Ogaraku, H. C. (2021). Communicating COVID-19 Pandemic on Facebook: Illustrations from Users’ Screenshots from Nigeria and Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Media and Communication, 5 (1): 1-17. (Indonesia). Available at: https://journal.uii.ac.id/AJMC/article/view/17793/11180.
4. Ogaraku, H. C. & Ogaraku, P. E. (2021). Economic Community of Central African States and Conflicts in the Region. Conflict Trends, (2), 35-44 (ACCORD, South Africa). Available at: https://www.accord.org.za/conflict-trends/the-economic-community-of-central-african-states-and-conflicts-in-the-region/ (with Honorarium Attached)
5. Ogaraku, H. C. & Ogaraku, P. E. (2019). Joining the Global Efforts to End HIV/AIDS by 2030: Challenges before the Nigerian Mass Media. A Book Chapter in Development Communication in Contemporary Nigeria: A Festschrift of Professor Clifford Ashong Ashong. Pp. 88-111. Available at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/338832833
6. Ashong, C. & Ogaraku, H. (2017). Content Preference among Online and Hardcopy Newspaper Readers in Imo State. Journal of New Media and Mass Communication, 4 (1): 1-15 (Pakistan). Also available at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318191773
7. Ogaraku, H. & Archibong, B. (2017). Web 2.0, Connectedness and Conversion of Users into Commodities and Digital Audience Labour. African Council for Communication Education (ACCE) Journal, 14 (1): 37-78. Available at: https://tnjc.org.ng/wp-content/…/Web-2-0-Connectedness-and-Conversion-of-Users.pdf.
8. Ogaraku, H. C. (2016). Social Media, Censorship, Ethics and Public Morality: A Call for Responsibility. Book of Proceedings of the 2nd National Conference of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Benue State University. Pp. 99-116.
9. Ogaraku, H. C. (2015). Media Threat: The Internet versus the Newspaper. Benin MediaCom Journal, (9): 71-87. University of Benin.
10. Nwagbara, G. & Ogaraku, H. (2014). The Media and Consumer Behaviour in Nigeria. Benin MediaCom Journal, (8): 1-15. University of Benin.
11. Esuh, P. & Ogaraku, H. (2013). Social Media and Political Campaigns in Nigeria’s 2011 Presidential Election. INNOVATIONS: A Multidisciplinary Research Journal of the Post Graduate School of the University of Uyo, 1 (1): 12-27.
12. Itek, M. & Ogaraku, H. (2013). Internet as Modern Tool for Political Campaigns in Nigeria: Limitations, Demands and Prospects. Benin MediaCom Journal, (7): 50-62.
Other Publications
1. Ogaraku, H. C. (2020). National Youth Service Corps Members’ Reaction to the Media Debate on the Scrapping of the NYSC Scheme following the Violence of the 2011 General Election. Available at: https://www.academia.edu/41638801
2. Ogaraku, H. C. (2020). Social Media and Political Communication: Use of Facebook by Two Nigerian Political Parties (APC and PDP) in the 2015 General Election. Available at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/338596026
3. Ogaraku, H. C. (2019). Revisiting the Jackboot: Censorship of Nigerian Press under the Military Regimes of Generals Babangida and Abacha (1985-1998) Available at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/330923456
4. Ogaraku, H. C. (2018). Newswatch Magazine, its Founding, Flourishing and Perils: Lessons for the Print Media. Available at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/330737749
Conference Papers
1. Ogaraku, H. (2021). Public Relations and Covid-19 Induced Crisis Management: A Look at Select Cases. Presented at the Journalism Educators Foundation Conference, themed Communication, Language and Coping with Covid-19 in the 21st Century held at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State on Nov. 2-5.
2. Archibong B. & Ogaraku, H. (2017). Periscoping the Contemporary Nigerian Media Landscape: A Social Responsibility Perspective. Conference on Communication Imperative in Technology, Education, Industrialization and National Development organized by the Mass Communication Department of Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic on July 12-13.
3. Ogaraku, H. & Archibong, B. (2016). Web 2.0, Connectedness and Conversion of Users into Commodities and Digital Audience Labour. Presented at the African Council for Communication Education (ACCE) Conference, themed Communication and Economic Development held at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State on Oct. 25-28.
4. Ogaraku, H. C. & Idiong, N. S. (2016). Internet Threat to Newspapers: Emerging Trends in Change Management. Presented at the 3rd Prof. Ebenezer Soola Conference on Communication. Theme: Communication, Change Management and Sustainable Development in the 21st Century, held at the University of Ibadan on September 27-30.
5. Ogaraku, H. C. (2016). Social Media, Censorship, Ethics and Public Morality: A Call for Responsibility 2nd National Conference of the Faculty of Social Sciences Benue State University Makurdi. Theme: Nigeria’s Political Changes and Future of Democracy in Africa, June 16-18.
Works in Press
1. Ogaraku, H. (2022). Processing Information from Advertisements: A Metaphor of Turning Nothing into Something (Nig)
2. Ogaraku, H. (2022). Setting the Stage for a Redefining Moment in Mass Communication (N)
3. Archibong, B. & Ogaraku, H. (2022). Parental Influence on Television Viewing Habits and Antisocial Behaviour among Children in Ikot Ekpene LGA (Nig)

Profile Summary:

  • He’s developing a new interest in Media and Disabilities plus Aging People.