Vacancy-Academic Staff

Candidates applying for this position are expected to possess PhD in their disciplines or areas of specialization and with not less than three (3) years of teaching and research experience since becoming a Reader in a University or comparable Institution of Higher Learning.
    1. Must fulfill conditions stated for Senior Lecturer with at least 3 years experience.
    2. Must have worked for a minimum of 9 years in any recognized University comparable Institution of Higher Learning
    3. Must have adequate publications for the grade
    4. Must show evidence of maturity and leadership skills
  1. Candidates must fulfill conditions stated for LI.
  2. Must have spent 3 years as Lecturer I plus at least 15 publications in reputable indexed journals.
  3. Candidate should have worked for a minimum of 6 years in a recognised University or an institution of equivalent status.
  1. Candidates must have worked for a minimum of 2 years in a recognised University or Institution of equivalent status.
  2. Candidates should possess PhD
  3. MSc in relevant area plus adequate publications in
    reputable indexed journals

bii. LECTURER I in BMLS must possess the following:
AIMLT or BMLS, MSc/PhD in any of:

    1. Chemical Pathology
    2. Haematology and Blood Transfusion Science
    3. Histopathology
    4. Medical Microbiology
    5. Immunology and Immunochemistry
      Chemical Patholog


Applications with comprehensive CV (in our format) and other relevant information should be directed to not later than Tuesday, 30th August, 2022.

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) should be presented in the following order:

  1. Name (Underline Surname)
  2. Place and Date of Birth
  3. Nationality/State of Origin
  4. Marital Status/Number and Ages of Children
  5. Postal/Contact Addresses (with Phone no. and email address)
  6. Name and Address of Spouse
  7. Name and Address of Next-of-Kin
  8. Post Desired
  9. Educational Institutions attended with dates
  10. Academic and Professional Qualifications
  11. Membership of Professional Bodies
  12. Distinctions and Awards
  13. Work Experience with full details of former employers
  14. Post-Graduate Supervision
  15. Current Position and date of last promotion/Appointment/Re-grading
  16. Current Salary and Status/Grade Level
  17. Research Activities
  18. Attraction of Research Grants
  19. Major Academic – Related Services to the Nation outside the University System
  20. Important Learned Conferences/Workshop/Courses attended with details on Paper Presentation
  21. Publications
  22. Extra-Curricular Activities
  23. Names and addresses of 3 referees (one of whom must be in candidate’s field of study). Referees should be requested to forward their reports directly to in pdf
  24. Proposed date of availability for if selected