VC to new students: future of work not about degrees

Prof. Charles K. AYO - Vice-Chancellor & Council Member

Vice Chancellor Trinity University, Yaba, Lagos, Prof. Charles Korede Ayo, has urged freshmen to develop practical and competitive skills that would stand them out in the 21st century economy, instead of over relying on degrees.

He spoke at the fourth matriculation of the institution last week in Lagos.

He said: “In economic terms, the future presents us with tales of two nations, one of ‘unheard-of-wealth’, the other of ‘unheard-of-poverty’. The case of the former refers not only to the active participants in the disrupted world, but technopreneurs, who are in control and setting the pace for technological innovations in the disrupted world of work. On the other hand, the latter refers to individuals who cannot find relevance in the disrupted economy.”

Ayo reiterated the commitment of the institution to equipping its students with relevant skills to make them effective change-agents and value-adding members of the society.

He urged the matriculants to maintain high level of discipline, stressing that unethical practices would not be condoned.

Guest lecturer, Prof. Rufus Ishola Akintoye, in his lecture entitled: ‘ Accountability and the future of the Nigerian State’, stressed the need for political office holders to be accountable to citizens.

He noted that the country needed reforms and reorientation.

He charged the matriculants to be accountable to themselves, their parents and God.

Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council, Mr Samuel Olatunji, urged government to address challenges in education and other sectors.

“The challenges confronting our nation are enormous in all sectors and education is no exception. It is a universal fact that, while everyone has a role to play, government must take the lead in providing effective leadership and enabling environment in which others can contribute to their fullest capacity,” he said.