Trinity University Holds Maiden Convocation Lecture

convocation lecture by Prof. Adenike Osofisan

Trinity University, Yaba, Lagos had its maiden convocation lecture on Thursday as part of the event in commemoration of the institution 1st and 2nd Convocation ceremony.

The lecture which was centered on the topic, “Disruptive Technology: The Ambiguous Friend?” was delivered by Prof. Adenike Osofisan, the first African Professor of Computer Science.

In his welcome address, the Registrar of Trinity University, Mr. David Olubukola Oyejide, stated that the convocation ceremony is held to celebrate the success and accomplishments of the institution’s graduating students; 2021/2022 set and 2022/2023 sets respectively.

Prof. Clement Olusegun Olaniran Kolawole, the Acting Vice Chancellor, Trinity University, while speaking with our correspondence noted that the turn out of the event was impressive and successful.

“If you remember, we made an elaborate provision for a tent but the heavens open and then showers of blessing.

Speaking on the lecture delivered, Prof. Kolawole revealed he believed that every participant of the lecture will be more careful henceforth in the usage of social media and technology enhanced tools or gadgets.

He also calls on media organisations/Journalist to help sensitize and create awareness to the general public by looking into the negative sides that has been taken for granted.

Delivering the lecture titled, “Disruptive Technology: The Ambiguous Friend?”, Prof. Adenike Oyinlola Osofisan, stressed that the lecture is aimed at addressing the three key Issues germane to the title ( Definition of Ambiguous Friend, Discussion on 8 prominent Disruptive Technology, their effects on lives (Positive and negative) and how to migigate/minimize these efforts.

While concluding, she noted that all disruptive technologies supercede an older process or habit with superior attributes. Most of the issue and cornerns raised in each of are topics for further research and innovation.

No technology is perfect. Disruptive technologies are friendly because of their usefulness every sphere of human endeavour.

However, they all come as a double edged sword that needs to be constantly monitored and put in Check with various methods to minimise issues such as privacy breaches minimize dangers to human beings and the environment.

“Disruptive technology plays a crucial role in shaping the way we interact in today’s digital world. It is an innovation that significantly alters the way that consumers, industries, or businesses operate. It has swept away the systems or habits it replaces because it has attributes that are recognisably superior. Man has long feared the rise of the machine; and that his own creation becoming smarter and more intelligent than him. But while disruptive technology such as Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly changing our world and powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, humanity does not need to be afraid of disruptive technology but rather find means of mitigating its dark side.”

Feeding newsmen prof. Adenike noted that she opted for the topic due to the Acting vice chancellor’s request for discussion around information technology.

Speaking of Nigeria’s digital space, she noted that, Nigerian youths are talented when it comes to digital technology and with the necessary support from the government, they will surely take Nigeria to the greater heights the same way India Youths projected their country.