Trinity University sensitises high school senior students on ideal morals

Campus Flaws
About 500 high school seniors (SSS 3 students) in Lagos secondary schools gathered on Tuesday at Trinity University, Yaba, Lagos for sensitisation on ideal university morals via a stage play, “Campus Flaws.”
The event which was held in the sports field of the private university was in association with Etiquette Poise & Protocol Resource, to commemorate the Global Mentoring Month.
Speaking at the event, Chairman EPRA, Olatunji Joseph Oladimeji said, “the event seeks to promote mentoring and guide the youngsters in the choice of career path, preparing them for a journey into the future.”
He pointed that most university freshers get into a mess as girls get pregnant, boys join secret groups.
Oladimeji said: “One out of every 10 girls who get to the university have their first day and see their first abortion within the first three months of getting into the university space.
“They don’t know what they need to know; they are not empowered sufficiently with information that is required in order to get into school.  In fact, study says that most of these pregnancies are borne out of rape.
”They are just at the wrong party and then something goes wrong.”
Similarly, he said  three out of every 10 boys get involved in cultism activity or in some activity that has a capacity to destroy their tomorrow, three months into the school.
Oladimeji said ‘Campus Flaws’ is aimed at empowering every school leaver with some vital information. The drama or the floor or the narrative that is being shared today will not give you everything that you need to know to have an effective time in whatever school of choice you have.”
Speaking at the event, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Clement Olusegun Kolawole emphasised that the  mission of the university  is to build scholars who are “sound in science and art and able to trust in God.”
According to the professor, “the reason we are hosting this event is that, we hope that it is going to lay some very important foundation that you can build on and then we can trust God to help you with the rest to give you a good support structure while you’re in school.
“The other reason is that, with the privilege of having  come to Trinity University, we hope somehow that when it is time to make your choice of university, you would consider Trinity University.  So with that I say to you, students, learners, and everyone, welcome to Campus Flaws 2024.”
The university’s registrar, Mr David Oyejide said the institution’s core values are deeply rooted in the principles of academic excellence, discipline, leadership, Godliness, integrity, and responsibility. These values guide the university’s commitment to moulding students into effective change agents and value-adding members of society, he said.