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Information Communication Technology Unit (ICTU)


Information Communication Technology Unit (ICTU) is a core component of learning and working in the 21st century. The rapidly evolving nature of technology means that new skill sets are constantly being created and previous ones becoming obsolete.

The ability to unlearn and relearn is by far the most important skill in today’s workplace. It is therefore necessary to ensure that students in the knowledge economy of today and the future have the right tools to help them to thrive in the workplace of tomorrow.

At Trinity University, we spare no expense to ensure that our students are exposed to the latest cutting edge ICT technologies, hardware and standards. Our students can use any of the following facilities to hone their digital skills:

• Dedicated ICT center

• E Library

• Computer Science Laboratory

• Campus Wide Wi-fi

• Fiber optic broadband

• E learning portal


Our Core Values

Academic Excellence
Christian Values