**Admission still in progress for 2019/2020 Session.**

Centre for Information Technology, Research and Innovation (C4ITRI)

1. Preamble

C4ITRI is specially constituted to provide the missing link between Education and National Development with respect to the application of Information Technology to Human Capital development, particularly Good Governance.

The Research activities of this Centre shall focus among other things on addressing the issues of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the African Agenda 2063 and Vision 20:2020 of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

2. Vision

To be a globally renowned Centre for IT Research, Innovation and Development in e-Business and e-Government with regards national, continental and global developmental agendas.

3. Mission

To support governments and the business communities with innovative IT solutions to the socio-economic, political and technological development of the Developing Nations.

4. Aim and Objectives


         To be a global IT solution hub for the developing nations.


         To serve as the think-tank and IT solution-hub for solving Global (SDGs), Continental (AA 2063) and National (Vision 20:2020) Agendas of Nations.

         To provide life-applicable and developmental solutions to the myriad of problems: economic, political, social, cultural and others facing the developing nations.

         To train and equip both the public and private sector operators the required skills to thrive in a knowledge-based economy.

         To organize and participate in networking activities (workshops and conferences) among other things that are geared towards the sustainable development of the African Nation.

 5. Activities of the Centre

i. The Centre will focus on research activities in:

·        Information Technology development, adoption and deployment.

·        Electronic, Digital and Open Government Development strategies.

·        Electronic and Mobile Business Development strategies.

·        Electronic Community Policing strategies.

·        Electronic Electoral Processes (eRegistration, eIdentity, eVoting, etc.).

·        IT Advocacy and adoption in Business, Education and Government.

·        Human capital development strategies.

·        Rural community transformation strategies.

·        Cyber-preneurship development strategies.

ii.                 Publications

The Centre shall disseminate its research findings through:

·        Annual Conference

·        Annual  Journal Publications

 6. Membership


·        Prof. C. K. Ayo (Director)

·        Mr. P. A. Omosebi


·        Prof. V. Mbarika, SU, A&M, USA

·        Prof. D. Okunbor, FSY, NC, USA

·        Dr. A. Ojo, National University of Ireland, Galway

·        Dr. Panagiotis Hahamis, University of Westminster, London

·        Prof. Charles Boateng, University of Ghana, Ghana

·        Prof. S. Chiemeke, Uniben, Nigeria

·        Prof. J. O. Okesola, Tech-U, Ibadan

·        Prof. A. Adebiyi, Covenant University, Ota

·        Dr. A. Oni, Covenant University, Ota

·        Prof. S. N. John, NDA, Kaduna

-     Prof. J. O. Daramola, CPUT, SA

Our Core Values

Academic Excellence
Christian Values