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Dr. Kunle Ogedengbe Write-up

Dr. Kunle Ogedengbe Publications

Dr. Kunle Ogedengbe Publications

Sn Topic/Title/Author  
1 Public Relations and Premium Income Generation in Nigerian Insurance Companies: A Comparative Study of Sovereign Trust and UnityKapital Read/View
2 Communicating development’ – a cultural shift: emerging discourses on entrepreneurial development and poverty reduction by Nigeria’s banking and microfinance sectors Read/View
3 Public Relations Media and the Operations of Nigerian Underwriting Firms Read/View
4 Public Relations and Premium Income Generation Read/View
5 Cultural Arts Paper Read/View
6 Corporate-social-responsibility-practices-in-nigeria-an-exploration-of-selected-private-sector-organisations Read/View
7 Ogedengbe, K. (2012). Alignment of the goals of host communities and energy companies in Nigeria: The strategic place of community development and corporate social responsibility for sustainable stakeholders’ participation. Society of Petroleum Engineers Journal, USA (2012)
8 Ogedengbe, K. (2006). Corporate survival and the lubricating role of financial public relations. Lagos Journal of Entrepreneurship and Technology (LJET), 1(1), pp. 121 – 137.
9 Ogedengbe, K. (2019). Advertisement and criticisms: An appraisal. Zaria Journal of Communication, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, 4(2), pp. 180-196.
10 Ogedengbe, K. (2019). Public relations media and the operations of Nigerian underwriting firms, Beyond Babel Journal of Language and Literary Studies, Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria, 6, pp. 113-126. Co-authored with Prof. Kolade Ajilore.
11 Ogedengbe, K. (2019). Mexican statement and the four models: An Evaluation of Public Relations Practice, Media and Communication Review, Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria, 4(6), pp. 73-85. Co-authored with Wole Adamolekun.
12 Ogedengbe, K. (2020). Development communication and theatre for development practices in Nigeria, Journals of Language, Theatre and Literary Studies, 1(1), pp. 127-134, Lead City University, Ibadan. Co-authored with Wole Adamolekun.
13 Ogedengbe, K. (2020). Crisis Management, Communication and Stakeholders’ Expectations, IDIA Journal of Mass Communication, 5, Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State. Co-authored with Wole Adamolekun.
14 Ogedengbe, K. (2020). Public relations practice and premium income generation in Nigerian insurance companies: A comparative study of Sovereign Trust and UnityKapital. Interdisciplinary Journals of Communication, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
15 Ogedengbe, K. (2020). Corporate social responsibility practices in Nigeria: An exploration of selected private sector organisations, Caleb Journals of Social and Management Sciences, 5(1), pp. 41-58, Caleb University, Lagos, Nigeria.. Co-authored with Wole Adamolekun. Read/View
16 Ogedengbe, K. Media of Public Relations (2004, 209pp)
17 Ogedengbe, K. Principles and Practice of Community Relations – (2007, 150pp) A Premiere
18 Ogedengbe, K. Advertology (Co-Authorship) (2010, 202pp)
19 Ogedengbe, K. Issues in PR (Co-Authorship) (2005, 105pp)
20 Ogedengbe, K. Introduction to Public Relations and Advertising: (2019, 195pp) The Beginner’s Guide (Co-Authorship)
21 Ogedengbe, K. Understanding Public Relations (2019, 134pp) (Co-Authorship)
22 Ogedengbe, K. (2018). Impact of outdoor media on business development in Nigerian. In A. Daramola & A. Tejumaiye (Eds.). Nigerian Outdoor Advertising: Concepts, Constructs, Issues and Trends (pp. 249-267). Lagos: University of Lagos Press and Bookshop Ltd.
23 Ogedengbe, K. (2001). Media relations, lubricant of pr. In L. Idowu (ed.) Watching the Watchdog. Lagos: Diamond Publications Limited
24 Ogedengbe, K. (2012). Crisis in Nigeria’s banking and financial industry: Government actions reassure skittish, jittery publics. In A. M. Amiso & C. B. Pratt (Eds.). Case Studies in Crisis Communication: International Perspectives on Hits and Misses (pp. 81-112). New York: Routledge. (Co-authored with Wole Adamolekun and Cornelius B. Pratt)
25 Ogedengbe, K. (2017). ‘Communicating development’ – a cultural shift: emerging discourses on entrepreneurial development and poverty reduction by Nigeria’s banking and microfinance sectors. Journal of Critical Arts (2017). 30(5), 709-.727, DOI: 10.1080/02560046.2016.1262439. Co-authored with Ying Hu, Cornelius B. Pratt, & Wole Adamolekun

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